I discovered my basement completely flooded. To make matters worse it was a Sunday night. Knowing Four Seasons doesn't charge extra for nights or week ends They were my first call. When the plumber came to my house, I assumed once he ran the rod down my line it would allow my basement to drain. On this subfreezing night, the man worked outside in the dark for a couple of hours. But was unable to open my line. past 10 pm he said they would send a bigger machine the next day to open my line. On Monday another plumber showed with a bigger rodding machine and set about to open my line. It was still a very cold day but at least it was light. Again with the bigger machine the man worked outside for hours. Despite using every cutting bit he had. He was unable to open the line. frustrated as was I, he said they would send another truck the next day with a camera to see what was going on in the line. My basement was still flooded. But It was reassuring that the men from Four seasons made my problem theirs. They worked diligently in sub freezing temperatures not giving up. Totally stressed, anticipating a huge bill along with the damage from the flood. I was unable to sleep. In the early morning it dawned on me I had seen men working on the sewer in front of my house. I called the village in morning inquiring, what was done. Once they opened the village sent two men out. They stated that the sewer was "relined" and had nothing to do with my flooding. They too spent hours in the cold using various tools and instruments Going from my clean out to the street and back, yet were unable to find a blockage. The village claimed their equipment was hampered by "frost in the ground" At this point I was sure they were in my neighbors line because they were in past 75 feet and it was only 50 feet to my clean out? They shrugged their shoulders and went to lunch. The 3rd Four Season truck arrived with a camera. He stated he had seen it before where a line was sealed off during relining. He ran his instrument into my line and determined that his probe made it to the street and stopped. I called the village back and they called their relining contractor to come from IN. When the contractor arrived the denials started It was not possible that they caused my problem. Interacting with the worker his incompetence was apparent. after hours more they drilled into where my line should be opening a 1 inch hole draining my basement. They finished using a hammer and chisel to open my six inch pipe into the sewer that they had sealed off. The denial turned into apologies and reassurances of responsibility. Sadly that is not now the case. What I can confirm to anyone that has plumbing issues is that Four Seasons is who you need to call. for their professionalism, determination and compassion. They went over and above any expectation of service I could have had.

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