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A great job and experience

Paul came in to our showroom at the Merchandise Mart to clean and route out our two grease traps that have not been cleaned since we opened 5 months ago. We do cooking demonstrations and events to teach others about our Dacor luxury cooking, cooling and cleaning appliances. Paul came in on time and was personable, friendly and completed the job in an hour with out a mess. He gave me helpful hints on how to help maintain the drains from getting clogged too soon. We will definitley use Four Seasons Sewer and Plumbing again and refer to other appliance kitchens at the Merchandise Mart.

They did good job

These guys did good job when i needed new water heater.

I applaud all the men from Four Seasons

I discovered my basement completely flooded. To make matters worse it was a Sunday night. Knowing Four Seasons doesn't charge extra for nights or week ends They were my first call. When the plumber came to my house, I assumed once he ran the rod down my line it would allow my basement to drain. On this subfreezing night, the man worked outside in the dark for a couple of hours. But was unable to open my line. past 10 pm he said they would send a bigger machine the next day to open my line. On Monday another plumber showed with a bigger rodding machine and set about to open my line. It was still a very cold day but at least it was light. Again with the bigger machine the man worked outside for hours. Despite using every cutting bit he had. He was unable to open the line. frustrated as was I, he said they would send another truck the next day with a camera to see what was going on in the line. My basement was still flooded. But It was reassuring that the men from Four seasons made my problem theirs. They worked diligently in sub freezing temperatures not giving up. Totally stressed, anticipating a huge bill along with the damage from the flood. I was unable to sleep. In the early morning it dawned on me I had seen men working on the sewer in front of my house. I called the village in morning inquiring, what was done. Once they opened the village sent two men out. They stated that the sewer was "relined" and had nothing to do with my flooding. They too spent hours in the cold using various tools and instruments Going from my clean out to the street and back, yet were unable to find a blockage. The village claimed their equipment was hampered by "frost in the ground" At this point I was sure they were in my neighbors line because they were in past 75 feet and it was only 50 feet to my clean out? They shrugged their shoulders and went to lunch. The 3rd Four Season truck arrived with a camera. He stated he had seen it before where a line was sealed off during relining. He ran his instrument into my line and determined that his probe made it to the street and stopped. I called the village back and they called their relining contractor to come from IN. When the contractor arrived the denials started It was not possible that they caused my problem. Interacting with the worker his incompetence was apparent. after hours more they drilled into where my line should be opening a 1 inch hole draining my basement. They finished using a hammer and chisel to open my six inch pipe into the sewer that they had sealed off. The denial turned into apologies and reassurances of responsibility. Sadly that is not now the case. What I can confirm to anyone that has plumbing issues is that Four Seasons is who you need to call. for their professionalism, determination and compassion. They went over and above any expectation of service I could have had.

Jeff was great

Jeff with the sump pump division came on a Sunday, quickly reviewed everything and gave me great peace of mind. He explained things well and was very nice. All of my business will be going to Four Seasons. Strong work, Jeff!

Four Seasons Plumbing and Sewer

We are happy to hear you were satisfied with your sump pump discussion with Jeff. We are hear for all of your plumbing needs whenever you need!

Issue Resolved

Had an issue with rodding my sewer line and David Guzman came out to talk about resolving the problem. After explaining the problem to him everything was resolved to my complete satisfaction. Great customer service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Four Seasons Plumbing and Sewer

Always happy to hear from a satisfied plumbing customer! Thrilled we were able to provide a great experience; thanks, Felton!

Amazing work!!

I had Four Seasons help me with some issues. The service technician was very friendly, professional, and helped educate us with the problem. I was very impressed with what they did for us and would recommend them to everyone!

Four Seasons Plumbing and Sewer

Tony, thank you so much for trusting us to get the job done! We appreciate your positive review!

Fast Sump Pump Replacement

With storms in the forecast I didnt want to risk a flooded basement. Call Four Seasons and they were able to come out and replace my old sump pump the same day. The plumber was respectful and ran several tests to make sure it worked properly before leaving.

Four Seasons Plumbing and Sewer

So glad to hear about your positive experience Melody! We pride ourselves with our professional staff and fast turnaround. Thank you very much for the great review of your sump pump replacement!

Thank You

I had a very good experience with Four Seasons Plumbing. I have a sump pump that sends waste water from the basement sink and clothes washer to the sewer. The sump pump broke. The plumber who came, worked quickly and replaced the pump with a new one. Thank You. I also should tell you that a few months before, the sump pump for the rainwater sump failed. Again, Four Seasons sent a good plumber to replace that sump pump. I am happy with their service and would recommend them to everyone. My brother is a customer of Four Seasons, so I had a good recommendation from him. Thank You Four Seasons for being so professional and dependable.

Four Seasons Plumbing and Sewer

Glad to hear that you are satisfied with your experience Jim! We are happy to have provided you with a great experience for your sump pump replacement! Thank you for the review!

Great & Fast Service

Multiple times have we worked with Four Seasons to help us for both plumbing and electrical work. They respond promptly providing excellent service every time! Put your trust in FSHS to deliver what you need in a timely and friendly manner. Thanks Four Seasons!

Four Seasons Plumbing and Sewer

Very happy to hear you are happy with our services. Thank you for trusting us with your plumbing and electric work!

Fantastic Company!

Four Seasons has done work on numerous occasions at my house over the last 7 years. I've had them doing plumbing, air conditioning, and heating for me. The staff is extremely responsive and friendly. It is clear that they are well organized company and they know what they are doing. I've never had any issues with the work they have completed. Also, I had an inspector come out a few times after major jobs and the one time he said when Four Seasons does the work it is always done well and he never has problems with their work. I've always been impressed, but to impress an inspector speaks to the quality they deliver! Great job Four Seasons!

Four Seasons Plumbing and Sewer

Thank you Jeremy! We're happy to hear that you have trusted us for your Plumbing and HVAC needs! It's also great to hear you love our product. Your review is very important to us, thank you!

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