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    Sump Pumps and Flood Prevention

    Sump Pumps & Flood Prevention

    Chicagoland is known for its freezing temperatures and high winds, but according to the Chicago City Government, we receive a large amount of rainfall as well. In a fierce localized storm, as much as 2 inches of water or more can accumulate per hour. Additionally, the average roof will be hit by upwards of 500 gallons of water in the same storm. Given these facts, it is no surprise that so many homeowners turn to Four Seasons for an effective, comprehensive flood prevention system.

    We offer repair, maintenance, and installation of new sump pumps powerful enough to comfortably bear the burden of the local downpour.

    Prevent Flooding: Sump Pump Installation and Repair Services

    • Sump Pump Repair: A malfunctioning sump pump at the wrong time could spell disaster for your home. Four Seasons offers emergency sump pump repair to ensure you are ready for any flood conditions.
    • Sump Pump Maintenance: Gain peace of mind with annual sump pump maintenance. Our technicians will inspect your unit and identify any factors that could result in an untimely breakdown. Be proactive!
    • Sump Pump Installation and Replacement: If your home does not have a flood prevention system or should yours fail, Four Seasons’ trucks are fully stocked with replacement pumps, and our plumbers can replace your system on the spot.
    • Zoeller Pumps: With several models and systems to choose from, your personalized flood prevention system caters precisely to your needs while still supplying ample protection for nearly 8 hours of continuous pumping on a full charge.
    • Battery Back ups: The most common cause of pump failure is a loss of power during a storm. Protect your home with a battery backup system and supply power to your pump no matter what the elements throw at you.

    Protect Your Home Against Flooding

    Every day you put off a sump pump repair or installation is another risk for your home. Flood damage could cost you thousands and destroy priceless valuables. Protect your home today with a new sump pump installed by Four Seasons and finally feel ready for anything the elements can throw at you.

    Need assistance? Our live customer care team and plumbers are  standing by ready to help with all of your sump pump repair and installation needs!