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    Customer Testimonials

    Four Seasons values honest and direct feedback from our customers. Your clear review of our services ensures our high standards of honesty, quality, and integrity are consistently maintained.

    See what others are saying about the award-winning plumbing services from Four Seasons Plumbing and Sewer!

    I see myself as a kind of amateur handyman. I like to do things myself, but renovating my bathroom turned out to be a bit of a fiasco. After three weekends of trying to correct the low water pressure, I finally called Four Seasons. They were amazing! Fast, friendly and talented. I’ll let Four Seasons handle my plumbing needs from now on. – Kevin N., Joliet, IL.

    Our toilet wasn’t working, and I couldn’t figure out why. I don’t know the first thing about plumbing, so we called Four Seasons before I did any serious damage to our plumbing system. Their plumbers were able to replace the toilet pump quickly without a problem. Without Four Seasons, I’d have end up flushing a ton of money down the toilet! – Matt T., Homer Glen, IL.

    You don’t quite know how devastating a ruptured water heater can be until it happens to you. I had inches of water in my basement, no hot water, and a huge mess on my hands. Luckily, Four Seasons was there to co an inconvenience. – Nick P., Tinley Park, IL.me to the rescue. Within just a couple hours they were here and installing a new heater. Four Seasons turned a disaster into just

    I had one heck of a clog last month. It completely stuffed up my sink and nothing I did was putting a dent in it. I must have gone through ten bottles of drain cleaner. Finally I called Four Seasons because I was fed up. Their plumber disconnected the pipe and cleared out the clog in just a few minutes. They are darn good at what they do. – Kate M., Burbank, IL.

    I came home to a horrible smell and a huge mess in my basement. The backed up sewer spewed sewage everywhere. That same day Four Seasons came to clean out the pipe and the plumber told me it’s important to have your sewer lines and pipes checked regularly. I had no idea, but now every six months I call up Four Seasons for another inspection. I’ve been sewage free ever since. – Ryan W., Naperville, IL.

    My husband, Adam, bought a new garbage disposal, and he swore he could install it himself. After five trips to the hardware store and three days, I called Four Seasons before Adam hurt himself or broke the bank. The plumber knew exactly what he was doing and in twenty minutes the disposal was installed. My husband was embarrassed, but I was happy to be done with it. – Christina B., Aurora, IL.

    We just moved into our new house, and a sump pump is one of those things you don’t know isn’t working until there’s six inches of water in your basement. Four Seasons came out that day to drain my basement and replace my sump pump with a stronger unit. Now, thanks to Four Seasons, we’re ready for any storm nature can throw at us. – Colin B., Schaumburg, IL.

    Any business owner or manager is already busy enough with the job they have, but a clogged drain can bring my business to a grinding halt. Luckily, one call to Four Seasons and they are en-route. The plumber handles the drain, and I can return to handling everything else in the store. – Melissa R., Lockport, IL.

    My restaurant is my livelihood, so I need to have the stoves burning and the knives chopping every night or my customers and family don’t eat. Well, nothing ruins an appetite like the smell of sewage coming out of my water system. The Four Season backflow team was able to wipe up the mess and install a new backflow prevention system before the dinner rush even started. – Bruce W., Chicago, IL.